T. K. Tsai & Co., CPAs (TKT)

T. K. Tsai & Co., CPAs (TKT) established in 1959, the TKT team offers a range of services to help small and medium enterprises and taxpayers with all their financial needs. TKT’s clients vary from individual taxpayers and small business entities to large corporate groups with multi-million dollar turnovers.

TKT’s wide range of expertise, combined with their dedicated hands on approach and extensive network, guarantee they can provide the best service possible.

TKT has expertise in attestation of financial reports or other financial information. They have the ‘know how’ to support their clients from starting a business, growing the business and selling the business. The ability to communicate with and understand their clients’ business and financial needs is one of their greatest attributes. It ensures TKT are in a position to provide accurate and timely advice coupled with the ability to communicate it with confidence.